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Serverless SaaS is aiming to be the perfect starting point for your next React app to build full-stack SaaS applications. Save time and skip implementing authentication, payments, teams, and more.

A faster way to launch

Save time and build a SaaS app faster than ever

SaaS features out of the box

Building a SaaS platform is hard and takes time. This starter-kit helps you to get going quickly. Instead of spending weeks or months implementing basic features like authentication and billing, you could start building the things that make your product unique from the start.

  • Landing page, blog, and CMS

    Start with a nice landing page that includes a blog and is easily manageable with an integrated CMS

  • Users & Authentication

    Allow users to sign up and log in to your SaaS application

  • Subscription payments

    Monetize your application with a powerful billing system that uses Stripe Billing.

login feature screenshot

Build multi-tenant applications

Teams are a core piece of functionality for many applications these days and Serverless SaaS comes preconfigured with them so you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting.

  • Manage a team

    Allow your customers to manage a team and invite other members. You can, for example, choose to allow this option only for "Premium" subscriptions.

  • Send transactional emails

    Easily send emails from your application. A couple are already added for you, like a welcome email for new users and a team invite.

email feature screenshot

Bought Serverless SaaS early, this is a super polished product. Would recommend to anyone interested in something like this. Handles auth / payments / teams / transactional email well.

James Futhey
James Futhey
CEO, Meeting Room 365

Serverless SaaS is greatly influencing a number of my choices recently. It's really well documented and has practically taught me Firebase Functions, Next.js, and TailwindCSS over the last couple of days.

Use the Power of Serverless

Build apps fast, without managing infrastructure.

  • Low Cost

    Going serverless is a great way of cutting costs. You're outsourcing a lot of responsibilities like managing servers and databases. Also, the pay-as-you-go pricing model means you can start free and only pay when your startup gets real traction.

  • Better Scalability

    Serverless infrastructures scale up and down based on demand for specific functions of the system. This means less problems and a smoother experience when your application suddenly becomes very popular.

  • More Efficient

    A serverless architecture means that you pay per request. If you had a traditional server, you'd keep it running at all times. With a serverless architecture, you're only charged when the server's used.

  • Faster time to market

    Spend less time provisioning, scaling and managing infrastructure. Spend more time developing value-added business logic.

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Buy yourself a head start

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  • License for a single commercial project

  • The complete boilerplate

  • 3 day money back guarantee

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  • License for multiple commercial projects

  • The complete boilerplate

  • 10 day money back guarantee

  • Github private repository access

  • Email support


  • License for businesses with over 5 employees

  • Everything that's included in the Unlimited package

  • Priority support

From the blog

Read about the technologies used in the Serverless SaaS Boilerplate

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to jake[@]raterfox.com

Can I get a refund?
Depending on the license you can get a full refund up to 10-days after purchase. Simply send an email with your feedback and you will get your money back.
Can I use the code for more than one project?
Only when you have the "Unlimited" or "Business" package. Otherwise, you should make a new purchase for every new project.
Is the codebase written in JavaScript or TypeScript?
What support is available after purchase?
After your purchase, you can email me to get help. I'm trying to answer all emails within 48 hours and do my best to personally help you out. You can also create a issue on the private repository.
How do I integrate updates?
You can get access to the private repository on GitHub. If you have your license key, go to this page to get invited. I recommend to make a fork of the project and checkout the changes on every new release. Because the project is still in early access and improvements will be made, I can not guarantee there won't be any breaking changes but I will try to make updating as straight-forward as possible.
Do I get the full codebase after my purchase?
Yes, and you can customize it in any way you like. If you provide your GitHub username here you will also get access to the private repository.
What happens if I find a bug?
You can make an issue on the private repository. You can also report bugs via email. I try to fix them within 48 hours. hours.
Can I contribute to the project?
Yes, please! If you have build some nice improvements or features you think are valuable for the community you are encouraged to create a pull request. Together we can make this starer-kit even better!
Is there a demo online?
Yes, go to demo.serverless.page to see a demo. When testing subscriptions use card number 4242 4242 4242 4242. Be aware that you can not use the CMS on the demo page. You can also check out SidePage, a documentation tool bootstrapped by the SaaS boilerplate.
Is there documentation online?
Yes, go to serverless-saas.sidepage.co to see some documentation. This will be updated with video's and more soon.

Building a SaaS?Give yourself a head start.

Serverless SaaS is aiming to be the perfect starting point for your next React app. Start with a boilerplate that includes a landing page, authentication, billing, teams, a blog and more.

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